Wild Crafted Organic Sea moss Raw bulk.

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Sea moss is a red seaweed also known as Irish moss. Sea moss has been consumed for thousands of years. Its scientific name is Chondrus crispus its mainly found on rocks along the North Atlantic Coast but planted and harvested among several coastal countries. There are places, people farm the sea moss / grow it in pools which can lead to it not having the full nutritional value as it would if it were wildcrafted growing in its natural environment. Sea moss is also used for its carrageenan content with its ability as a thickener. Sea moss generally doesn't have much of a taste by itself. Some of the top benefits from sea moss include that it:

1) Improves metabolism.

2) Helps facilitate a healthy weight.

3) Aids in digestion.

4) Said to have 92 trace minerals  of the 102/103 minerals  in the human body making it a nutrient dense food.

5) It supports a healthy thyroid due to its iodine content.

6) Supports a healthy heart due to the vitamins ,minerals and essential fatty acids ,

7) Increases Libido.

8) Supports hair, nail and skin health.

9) Assist with post workout recovery.

10) assist with detoxing and an electric Alkaline food source.